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Inventive Apartment Bedroom Ideas For Fishers | The District at Saxony Apartment Homes

May 24, 2021

Residing in an apartment means being living in a community--especially if you live with a roomie or two. With so many communal spaces, your bedroom might be the sole spot in which you have the liberty to express your style in your own way. It’s also the space where you have all of your belongings. To make your personal space relaxing but practical, employ these inventive Fishers apartment bedroom ideas.

Closet in Fishers apartments

Get More Storage With Vertical Shelving

Even big Fishers apartment bedrooms might lack storage space, but you can create some with vertical storage options. Mimic the look of built-in shelving with tall shelves or put diagonal cabinets in hard-to-fill areas. Corner shelves are a space saver as well!

If you’re permitted to put holes in the wall, you can place trendy floating shelves to keep collectables and photos or racks to suspend clothes from the ceiling. Door frame or adhesive hooks on the back side of your door provide a post to hang pajamas too.

Employ Multifunctional Furniture To Maximize Space

When you have finite personal space, you need to make the best use of it with pieces that provide multiple uses. Convert your desk into a vanity by installing a mirror over it. Suddenly, have a spot to get yourself ready in the chance that your roommate or family members hogs the bathroom. Or place your desk next to your bed so you have as a bedside table should you need one. A bookcase can fulfill the same needs. If you enjoy having host guests, a storage box or chest at the end of your bed affords storage and extra seating.

Model bedroom at Harmony Apartments

Personalize Your Room With Personality

Bare apartment walls seem like a fresh beginning when you initially unpack but get stale in no time. You can make your space feel perfect by embellishing it with accents you adore, like a modern lamp or unique chair. Striking accent pillows and a throw rug keep the bedroom relaxing. Or show off your favorite things with your best reads, memorabilia, and house plants on a display shelf.

Don’t hesitate to adorn the walls simply because you are renting. Many apartment bedroom ideas for Fishers residents won’t mark the walls. You can utilize impermanent adhesive products to stick art and precious photos anywhere. Removable wallpaper is an easy means to create an accent wall. You can even adorn your ceiling with a striking vinyl decal.

Model bedroom in Fishers apartment

Brighten Your Room With Light

You can’t fully appreciate look at your bedroom decor without good lighting. Whether or not your Fishers apartment bedroom has existing lighting, use lamps to illuminate corners. Start with a swing-arm floor lamp and three-way light bulbs to reach the amount of brightness you want and aim it into low-light corners. A nightstand with a low-watt bulb is useful if you need to power on a light from bed, and a small lamp on your desk staves off eye strain if you study there.

Be sure to to part the blinds once in a while! Sunlight and seeing your Fishers neighborhood will make your space feel light and airy.

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